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Class of 1967
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Madaleine Campbell, '67 in 2020
Jenny Allen, '67
Sharon Kennedy, '67
Chris Conradi, '67, music
Dennis Challman, '67 on pedal steel
Novel by Bill Shockley, ‘67
Tom McCutchen, ’67, Life and Times
Dr. Steve Topik, PhD, ’67 video presentations
Tom McCutchen, Redlands
All Crestview League 1965
Sydney and Rick,2018
'67 People '67 People
Leanne Linson, '67
Dr. Rick Barnes, DDS, '67
Chris Gaston, '67
Our friend, Sue Lyon, '67
Bruce Young '67 in 2011
Say hi to Jenny Allen,'67
Jamie, Shannon and Mom
Cheryl (Lindsey) Allison
The return of Ivar K, '67
Our friend Marsha
Congratulations, Jackie
Jim Cooke, '67, MotoCross
Jackie Nelson Interview
Cheryl in London
Mark Oliver, John Kent in 1965
Micki Zlaket, '67
Rod Handsfield and Chet Nelson