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Class of 1964. Taken right before Study Hall I was in, with Don Martin and others. Unforgettable. I watched from the sidewalk, outside where we met, and looked east toward the cafeteria.

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I remember JAN JACKSON coming up on the far left to give enthusiastic waves. 

BABS BURTON just to the right, at the end of the bench. 

That is an all-time classic pompadour MARK DASHOFY (letterman’s jacket) is sporting on the bench! Wow!

I was awestruck at how GEORGE CAMPANIS could get SUZI FLYNNE to sit on his lap: not only a GIRL, but a BEAUTIFUL GIRL! 

Then CARL HILTERBRAND (bitchin’ flattop with fenders) and DENNIS MILLER had not one but two girls to sit on their laps: HOLLY TISDEL and SUSIE LUTHER with DENNIS!

LUANNE LAUNER in a pretty picture just to the left of Suzi, pretending to choke WENDY WAGNER. 

MICKEY PATTON in a light sweater, standing up in back of the first picture., with SUE GORRINDO to the right in the corner. 


RICK DICKSON standing on the bench in the loose golf sweater we all wore then, hands in his pockets, pretending to be blasé, unaffected Ha! Between PAULK and on the right, STEVE MODESITT andJEFF MITCHELSON. 

For once, ROGER NAFF is blocked by the guy standing under BRUCE. NO! THAT’S DON MARTIN OBSCURED BY THE GUY! I was wrong. We can see the top of his butch haircut. 

BRUCE BRECKINRIDGE ROBERTS in the upper right corner. 

JIM STIEL on the front bench, in his long-sleeved shirt and tie, with his sunglasses, su-ave!

PROUTY next to him in letterman's jacket. 

In the second one, BUCHEISTER must have found on a bench to stand on to wave at the back, with NANCY SPECHT just below him and to the left.  

See CHRIS HAYMOND (not the West Fullerton CHRIS HAYMOND, BRAD’S brother) at BUCHEISTER’S arm is one of the non-’64 people who sneaked into this picture.