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Coach Barnett at University of Arizona, 1941
“Garner Barnett [frosh], Bisbee,ended the season with an average of 6.94 yards per game rushing, an average of 34.2 on 13 punts and a total of 18 points."



Coach Barnett played at the University of Arizona

Coach Hawk played at  the University of Oregon

Coach Schooner played at UCLA

Coach Lawson played at Bowling Green University

Coach Payne played at FJC and Whittier College.

Coach Crow played in Texas -- TCU?

How about Coach Skain?

I forget where Coach McCall went, Iowa?


Coach Martin played basketball at the University of Michigan?


What about Baar, Wallace and Lingenfelter?


Mr. John B. Ferzacca, Drama and Creative Writing, played football at Eastern Michigan University, 


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Paul Shepard, ‘64 on June 26, 2019 at 10:40 PM said:

During my playing days for Coach Payne, it was my understanding that he was a “Little All-American” (small colleges) guard at Whittier College.

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