Condos coming to Bastanchury & Morelia, where the doctors offices were
Corrected ’65-'66 photo
Dr. Rod Handsfield, MD, ’67 wrote corrections in COMMENTS for errors I made on January 7, 2020 in this photo. Thanks, Rod. I have only one question.


Who is #4?

1. Bonnie Rhodes, ‘66

2. Sharon France, ‘66

3. Bob Beardsley, ‘66


5. Lydia Bennett, ‘66

6. Billie Case, ‘66

7. Jenny Allen, ‘67

8. Becky Sessions, ‘66

9. Patti Steurer, ‘66

10. Russell Lowe, ‘67

11. Diane Dean, ‘66

12. Andy Fall, ‘67

13. Marsha Hebden, ‘66


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From Rod Handsfield, ’67:

Regarding the 1965-'66 photo posted in the Spoon January 7th 2020 you mis identified some of the folks: the corrections should be as follows; Dark haired guy behind Sharon France, not Bob Barrington =Bob Beardsley;


Blonde eating in front row; Billie Case - sister of Bob,


dark haired girl next to Billie, not Peggy Scaling = Becky Sessions,


Girl behind Becky in short sleeved dark dress- Lydia Bennett.

I think the rest of them you got right.