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Craig O'Rourke  & Family

Craig and his wife Miriam Feldman have been artists in Downtown Los Angeles, in other parts of the city and now Washington State. They have a son named Nick who was diagnosed as schizophrenic. There are few diseases more poorly understood by people in general and by The Establishment. Both Craig and Miriam have become West Coast pioneers in telling the full and accurate truth about schizophrenia – including what it is NOT – and in telling their son’s story.

2, He Came In With It, Esther's book
3. Miriam and Nick
4. Reader comments on Esther's book
5. Comments, the O'Rourkes

Nick went through what could be called typical experiences and misfortunes of a young white male with schizophrenia, and Miriam blended his story with her own story of being his mother in a book called HE CAME IN WITH IT. At almost every step of the way, the O’Rourkes faced obstacles, especially those of official misunderstanding of schizophrenia, as well as prejudice toward it and fear of it.
One of the most compelling facts about schizophrenia is that schizophrenics are rarely violent. Unfortunately, a handful of violent schizophrenic murderers are wrongly seen as typical, in both the news media and TV and movies.
Nick O’Rourke is a kind, sensitive man, now approaching 40 years old, and is artistic himself.
His mother has had the courage of a lioness in protecting him, defending him, encouraging him and presenting his story. Craig has made similar sacrifices and devoted comparable time and effort to these causes. Their long process has not been easy, or easy to accept.