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Dan Slater, ’67 Oscar winner
We knew Dan was a co-inventor of Laserium, but did you also know he won an Academy Award?

Dan’s photos:


Let’s talk about part of what Dan’s done, below. 

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john schulze on June 16, 2017 at 6:05 AM said:

Dan lived up in Sunny Hills. Back in '65' l had a big car(Chrysler NYD). l used to help Dan haul his Equipment to LA, Mostly to Pasadena Civic Auditorium where he would provide the light show. Dan was amazing, using oils and pigments between glass sheets and using an overhead projector put, this up on the wall. Very interesting man, l remember it was a blast.

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Dan Slater, American photooptical instrumentation engineer. Recipient Technology Achievement award Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1980, Science and Engineering award Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1989. Member American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (senior ), Society Photooptical Instrumentation Engineers, Steadicam Operators Association.

Chief engineer Magicam division Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, California, 1972-1979. Vice president Nearfield Systems, Inc., Carson, since 1988. Consultant TRW, Redondo Beach, since 1980, The Text Encoding Initiative, Saratoga, since 1980.


One of Dan’s early ventures was the Piccadilly Light Circus, creating light shows for rock concerts. One of his employees was Bill Morgan, ’67. 


This morning we were discussing the legendary Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Bill remarked: 


"I worked with our classmate Dan Slater of Piccadilly Light Circus and we'd do the light shows in the L.A. Area and got to see Quicksilver up close and personal. John Cippolina's hair would totally cover his guitar when he was busting a solo."


Let’s hear some Quicksilver, and you’ll see John Cippolina playing, too -- but you have to look fast.


John is the one in the buckskin jacket with fringes.


By the way, 2 Class of ’67 girls cut Senior Day to attend this legendary concert. 


A Laserium show:


Anyone see Laserium? Remember Dan’s light shows? Thanks, Bill. Fabulous!