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Darrell Albers, '65, 1947-2016
February 17, 2016.


Darrell Albers passed away last night at UCLA after suffering cardiac arrest.  He had undergone surgery last week for Thyroid Cancer at UCLA.

I will miss “Mr. Inside,” as he was affectionately called in high school for his tremendous basketball skills.  I am so thankful that Darrell attended our Reunion with his close friend, Bob Robbins, and was able to reconnect with other classmates during our “Knight to Remember.”


Patti Powers, '65


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I remember Darrell well.  I'm so sorry to learn of his passing.-- Holly Cresswell, '68.


I always liked Darrell a lot. I saw him score 38 points in a game, a school record for years. I loved the way he fought for rebounds and played hoops with passion. I remember when he and Bob Robbins in their red-checked shirts led Da Kids in a school campaign to change our mascot from the Lancers to the Bearcats. At Disneyland, he was one of my supervisors when I was a sweeper, and he was strict! I was pleased to learn he stayed at Disneyland for so many decades, because he was a dedicated, good man. -- Paul Saevig, '67.