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Here's our friend Dave
Dave Murphy, '66 saw our call for photos and sent this one right in!

Dave writes, "This was taken this summer at an outdoor party in Costa Mesa. Me doing my second favorite hobbie. My first is surfing."

We remember Dave as an All-CIF semi-finalist varsity shotput competitor and later a NCAA Division I All-American at the University of Southern California. Dave was always a very good student and a quiet, friendly guy. In recent years, Dave's taught high school in the Newport-Costa Mesa area.

Now that the Beijing, China Olympiad has begun [cough cough cough!! excuse me!], many of us have our eyes on track and field. Dave was a member of Division I Championship teams at USC, and his teammates included quite a few world class athletes. I'll add some of their names later.

Thanks again, Dave, and the rest of you Lancers, please send your photos, too.