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Debby Kramer, '66, R.I.P.
Debby died on May 29. 2014. She was a registered nurse in the Philadelphia area.


In 2012. Debby preferred to be called "Deborah" as an adult. She was a good friend. Her best friend was probably the late Gila Berghaus, '66. 

She was also a friend of Jackson Browne at Sunny Hills, and of Melanie Boone, Trude Rockwell, Kenny Seefeldt, Steve Solberg, and many others.  She loved music and would often go up to the Sunset Strip with friends to hear top bands and to dance. She was always an artistic, deeply passionate and compassionate women, a brilliant friend. 

Throughout her entire life, Debby was a champion of the underdog, and her concern extended throughout the United States and the world. 

She loved her long-time pastime of going with her girlfriends to Atlantic City, New Jersey. One of their fondest pleasures there was the saltwater taffy. One year she sent me a big box of it, and I eventually gobbled down most of it. i lost a gold crown in the process, too! It was delicious.

Remember how Debbie liked to wear jumpers to school? He had a cute one with black and white checks. Teased her a little over the years about that! 

Goodbye, sweet friend .. 



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