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Diane Kazebee, '68, 1950-1990
Diane's older brother Bob Kazebee, '66 writes below.


Diane passed on in January 1990-age 39 from relapse to her 2 bouts with leukemia.  She had a couple bone marrow transplants at the City of Hope in early 80's prior to the medical advances of Procrit etc.  

I remember seeing her in isolation (a completely enclosed and separate room) .  We stood outside the room to communicate through the glass or phone ---no gowning and gloving -- that was only for RNs and MDs.  RNs would scrub her apples and oranges down with disinfectants prior to her eating them when her WBCs were zero and working their way up into the hundreds.  We'd hear her WBCs  went up one day but then went down the next (up 50 down 35 up to 75 up to 85 up to 90 etc.) 

It was a roller coaster of emotions for all concerned.  I believe she was in isolation for 4-6 weeks or longer before her WBC counts were sufficiently elevated and her immune system kicked in.  Her second bone marrow transplant fell out of remission and the doctors told her the side effects from the previous two transplants had affected her heart and liver.  She no longer was a candidate for therapy. 

In 1989, Diane went back up to South Lake Tahoe  where she lived (she first moved there in early '70s).  Diane spent her final days in Tahoe in what we call God's country. 

We scattered her ashes at Lake Winnemucca (spelling) and somehow I found a titanium screw in the ashes that her leg had been carrying for years as a result a surgical repair from a ski accident.  That was an intense moment. 

I recently heard the saying 'Death is not death if they are remembered'.  I remember my little sister well. -- Bob Kazebee, '66. 

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