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Drama Rehearsal, 1962
Mrs Doris Johnson, drama teacher, directing a rehearsal of “Outward Bound”, Fall 1962. Man in background observing is father of Mary Pinkston Christ ‘65




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Ken Murray, ‘64



Paul Willis, '63 on July 21, 2015 at 12:22 AM said: 
I have several to mention at old Sunny Hills.
Of course Mrs Johnson with her tremendous passion and Drama for Drama serve Richard , I and Alma Becker on to eventual careers in Drama, and many others to a passion for that art. In addition there was Michael Xavier Corrado, a gentleman with style to the extreme was an very fine English teacher. He spoke the King's English and really cared. Probably one of the most successful teachers of my time was Topper Smith, speech and music teacher. We won many , many speech tournaments . These were all folks with passion and knowledge and a lot of personality. As I remember their passion frequently rubbed the administration the wrong way , but it made all the difference to me. Just mention one teachers at NIcolas Jr High. the Social Studies teacher Mr McLain who I loved dearly and can see before me now. He was warm and made history alive!

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