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Eat at the Rams Horn?
Did you ever stop for a drink or enjoy a meal at Don Paul's Rams Horn? One was in Encino and the other one was in San Bernardino.


Maybe you stopped on your way home from Palm Springs to wet your whistle at the Rams Horn and have a good steak. My best friend Jeff Nix, '6was a bartender there while he went to college.

Or did you drop in on the way back from the River?  

How about the Rams Horn at  located at 16705 Ventura Blvd. in Encino?  That one was a Rams hangout, and you might see Bill Jobko, Clendon Thomas, Roy Hord, Chuck Janerett, Carroll Dale, Buddy Humphrey, Vern Valdez, Les Richter,  Joe Marconi, George Strugar, Jerry Stalcup, Frank Ryan, Billy Wade, Lou Michaels, Eddie Meador, Ollie Matson, Jack Pardee and Tommy Wilson polishing off Porterhouse steaks, lobster, beef ribs, salmon and quaffing schooners of beer. 


I'm sure Tom McCutchen, '6went to the San Berdoo location if only because he went to college at Redlands, loved to chow, and loved football. As a salesman and eventually national sales director in the refrigeration industry, ol' Tom traveled through just about every burg, village, town and city in the USA,    


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Patrick Conover, '67 on January 17, 2021 at 4:29 PM said:

Yes. I had my 7th birthday dinner there..at the Encino one. They had the greatest BBQ Ribs.

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