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Eaten at Lawry’s?
I mean the original on La Cienega in Los Angeles, and not the Fashion Island Laurie’s in Costa Mesa, a poor imitation. Not Las Vegas or Phoenix or Gun Barrel City: LOS ANG’LEEZ!


Talking about a big ol’ steak, or prime rib, a baked potato the size of a small house cat, PLENTY OF GRAVY, a vegetable, and MASHED potatoes, with FRESH rolls, butter and what not. Yes?   


Are you referring to the current La Cienega Lawry’s as the original, or the true original Lawry’s - which was on the other side of the street.  I ate at both over the years.  Unfortunately, the entire chain now suffers from the same shortcoming affecting all of our eateries, including those supposedly in the upper echelon:  the wonderful tastes we used to enjoy taste has been bred and fed out of their beef and other meats.
My wife and were discussing that very point this evening as we ate dinner at the Harris Ranch Steakhouse (previously called the Jockey Club), and were wondering whether the great steaks which we used to find in France, Switzerland, Japan, etc, have suffered the same fate.  Haven’t been to any of those countries in several years, so have no idea of the answer, although we suspect not. -- Paul Shepard, ‘64
REPLY: That is bad news, Paul. Yes, I remember now it was on the other side of the street. I haven’t been to the La Cieneega location for a good 20 years. Very disappointed, Thanks, - Paul Saevig, ’67. 
Yes, several times -- at the original location "on the other side of the street."  Restaurant Row had Tail O' the Cock, too.  Lawry's required that "gentlemen" wear a coat and tie.  If you didn't have one, they provided one from their "coat room" for you to wear in the dining room.  (This applied to me even when I was in elementary school!)  Lawry's meant prime rib -- anything else was simply missing the point.  The one "side" that was a signature dish was the creamed spinach.  Good memories.  (Over the past little bit we've reminisced about various eateries in L.A. -- but the one that reigned supreme (not even close) was Scandia on the Sunset Strip.  THAT was "fine dining.” -- Doug Elwell, ‘65

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The young chaps you see in the Lawry’s video are college football players from USC. Every year before the Rose Bowl, the two teams are invited to Lawyw’s on separate nights,and the fellows can eat all they want. How much the two teams eat is compared, and the winning team usually consumes 50 or more pounds of beef on their visit.