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Ever eat at Philippe’s?
Located in downtown Los Angeles, across from Union Station and near Chinatown.




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Rod Handsfield on May 31, 2018 at 12:09 PM said:

While I in college I worked for Union Pacific Railroad as a Switchman/Brakeman; Rob Allingham too. We worked out of the East L.A Yards next to the Long Beach Freeway. I was assigned to a different engine and part of a different four man crew each day I worked - It could be anytime of the day or night. Occasionally, the switch engine to which we were assigned would be tasked with motoring about 10 miles up to Union Station to hitch up to a passenger engine unit and bring it back to the yard for maintenance. If we were fortunate, we were working during business/daylight hours, Breakfast, lunch, dinner at Philippe's was a special treat for the crew. My last visit to Philippe's was June 9, 2015. The sandwiches were still wonderful, the hot mustard still knocked your socks off!
Doug Elwell on May 21, 2018 at 6:56 AM said:

Many, many times. When I worked for the L.A. County Counsel's Office in downtown L.A. this was a "regular" for lunch. I remember great french dip sandwiches and, oddly enough, I remember great dijon mustard set out on the tables. (Can't have a french dip without that!)

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What I’m trying to do with a page like this is remind us all of a place where many of us once went and had enjoyable meals with friends, families and coworkers. These memories and experiences tend to evoke the commonality and closeness we all feel, even if the many years have faded it. These are attempts to cite the good, the fun and the enjoyable experiences we’ve shared, with my opinion being that they out weigh the bad and unpleasant. When a page like this one succeeds, several classmates will be moved to leave a comment. Probably many of us will remember Philippe's with pleasure, but almost none will be willing to comment, for their own reasons. It’s much, much more enjoyable for us all when Lancers do comment, however. 

For that matter, it’s astonishing that only two Lancers remember Cotillion, but it has been 60 years or more. 

This particular restaurant is likely to affect those of us who lived in Los Angeles, or nearby, and were taken there by parents, aunts and uncles, even grandparents. My dad took me there as one of my earliest memories, about 1952. They didn’t always serve beer, did they? 

Those of you who attended USC,  Occidental, Pepperdine at their old location at West 82nd & Vermont, Parson’s, UCLA, Mt. St Mary’s or other local professional schools -- maybe USC Law, or Loyola Law, or USC Medical School, or the various nursing schools, are most likely to remember Philippe’s, as well as those who worked in Downtown LA and went there for breakfast or lunch. A last category of Lancers who might know Philippe’s are our singers, songwriters and musicians. 

I put a lot of thought into finding photos and places that appeal to us. Hardly any Lancers in Orange, Riverside, San Diego or outlying counties go into LA any more, including me. I miss a lot that’s there.