There has been a Facebook misunderstanding involving me.
I’ll try to explain again.


1. As I've often mentioned, I've been hard of hearing all my life, and recently I've lost almost all the rest of my hearing. Therefore I can't use a phone, and even a TTY would not help. 

2. I created a Facebook account some years back, and when my Mac crashed, I lost the password. I investigated with Facebook, and to get a new password, I'd have to call them on the phone. Since I couldn't do that, a few months later I created a new account, explained what happened, including that the old account was obsolete and I could no longer access it. 

3. That happened a second time, a couple of years later. 

4. Recently I created a third Facebook account and explained it was mine, as usual. Things seemed to work out OK. 

5. Within a few months, Darlene Specht, '67 (photo at upper right) told me there was an emergency and I had to stop a Facebook account theft. It took me a while to understand what she was referring to. 

6. Apparently Julie Okey Daigh Pryor, '63 and maybe other friends had been approached and hacked by someone who got into one of my previous accounts. I've never been hacked myself, because those are obsolete Facebook accounts that I have not used for months or years, and haven't been able to log into for that long. 

7. At that point, I learned how to report those old accounts to Facebook and explained they were inactive, no longer mine, and I hadn't been able to log onto them in many months or years. 

8. That's the full story, as far as I know it. It seems those two accounts are still on facebook with my photo and name. I've already reported them to Facebook.  

9. Just a moment ago I noticed these comments Darlene has posted on her account. (SEE below) 

10. Yes, I blocked Darlene because I didn't want any more repetitive messages or requests, when I'd done all I could. 

11. Years earlier, I blocked a few other SHHS friends when they said they got too many messages from me. I don't even remember them all. 

12. I have also blocked many Facebook users from other high schools who use obscene language I don't want to see, or post photos and slogans that are offensive to me. I have administered half a dozen Sunny Hills-oriented Facebook pages, on such topics as the origin of Fullerton street names and 1960s Sunny Hills sports. I haven't been able to administer or log onto those for almost a year. I don't plan to create any more. 

13. As for Julie, we have been friends a long time. I rarely hear from her because she is busy with her own family. I don't have her current email address. I have never heard from her or anyone else that she was hacked, and my email address appears in the SPOON many times. Julie reads it sometimes. I'm sorry she was hacked. 

14. I also regret anyone else was hacked.

15. Facebook has over one billion customers: 1,000,000,000+. When they get around to acting on my message, they will remove my obsolete accounts. 

16. That's all I know. I didn't know that Darlene was an experienced Facebook user. I apologize, Darlene. 

17. Could we please put this matter to rest now? Thank you. 

If you would like to comment on this miscommunication, please write your comment here,
Paul Saevig, '67

December 18, 2016