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FOCUS: Scout Forsythe
Do you know her name? Scout Forsythe is an American ballerina. In the idiom of or parents,you'll get a kick out of Scout!


Scout is from Encinitas, CA and graduated from high school in about 2016.

1. Meet Scout

Scott is a most personable young woman, and charming, too. She's remarkable not only for her considerable talent, but for her entire approach to life. I haven’t seen anyone as focused as Scout in a long time, or as balanced and fully engaged in her own pursuits. The energy she expends in one day exceeds any 25 Bengal tigers you could round up!  

Today or soon, find a few minutes to meet this young lady. She's got it going on, and she's something else! 

The segment where she puts on her makeup, with her witty commentary, is worth the price of admission. 

A young person who has made her choice in life and gone all in to achieve it, and enjoy it. 

2. The Exercises of a Ballerina