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For movie lovers only
Big movies of the past that seem  different now

"Double Indemnity", 1944

One of the greatest American film noir movies, 

Barbara Stanwyck is one of the finest

Americans actresses of

all time, and probably

the most underrated, 

"My Darling Clementine", 1945

One of the greatest American classics, and pure mush, 

Almost nothing about the infamous Shootoutt at

the O.K. Corral happened this way, 

Yet so powerful and touching. A favorite of mine, 

"Duel In The Sun", 1946 -- INTENSE

Handling horses was never the same.

This move was considered shocking

and almost obscene

when it was first released, 

"Dial M For Murder", 1954

Ray Milland plays one of the

slickest smoothest, most

slippery liars and con men in movies history

"Not As A Stranger" (1955)

About when the 1960s Fullerton doctors were young men, 

Look who the medical students and doctors are here.

"The Man With The Golden Arm" 1955, HARD TO WATCH

One of the first Hollywood movies that

approached he subject of drug addiction honestly,.

Frank Sinatra as a heroin addict, 

"The Young Lions" 1958 HYPER-VIOLENT

Still scary after all these years

This sequence was filmed on

location in Borrego Springs, CA

"Can Can", 1960

Many considered the dance

shocking snd lewd at the time, 

"he Absent Minded Professor", 1961

How science works.

I laughed as much here at this

movie as I ever have at a theater. 

So much fun, 

"The Guns of Navarone", 1961 EXCITING

Jeff Nic and I wen to this

one at the Fox Fullerton, 

Remember, bro?

"Under The Yum Yum Tree", 1963

Mr. John B Ferzacca explained in our 1967

Creative Writing Class what a sleazy,

misogynist movie this was.

A bachelor peeping tom in an

apartment building who

spies on the young woman,

What a creep, .