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Fred Lakin, ’63. 1945-2019



Fred died on February 18, 2019 in a fire that burned down his home in Carmel, CA.  He had already lost a previous house to the big 2016 fire in Palo Colorado Canyon, in the Big Sur country. 


In 2016, Lakin posted about the fire. “I didn’t lose my house, I know where it is, still in canyon and in heart, just organized a little differently,” he wrote. “Where else would I want to scatter the ashes of my home?”


Fred was a Stanford University alumnus and a pioneer in the high technology of performing graphics and computational graphics. 


According to the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade Chief whose firefighters discovered the fire at Fred’s home, “He did not have any surviving family.”




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John S. Kent '67 on January 26, 2020 at 4:40 PM said:

My Father & Fred's father were both hired by '76 Union Oil @ the Brea Research
Facility about 1951. Bill & Helen Lakin Lived on Miramonte Dr. The next
neighborhood east. My Brother & Fred were about the same age. Our families had
many interactions until after Helen's death (Bill dying 1st). My mother &
Helen Lakin were best Friend's to the end (Helen 1st & my mother in 2012).
Fred was eccentric (like his father). I got to know Fred best after my Brother
('83) & Father ('85) died. Fred was very intelligent & highly educated. Our
mutual interest was Computer Software. My expertise was practical & Fred's
very academic. Many many memories of growing up in Fullerton

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