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Funny How Time Slips Away
1962 and April 2018.

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1970 - They worked on the grade to peel away Parking Lot Hill. 

Early 1970s - Advertisements appeared in South Korean newspapers inviting parents and families to come live in Sunny Hills, and soon the SHHS principal made a goodwill trip to South Korea. 

1970s - Al Dorman, ’65 and Barry Gottula, ’64 taught at SHHS.  New tracts of homes built above Sunny Hills High School and also to the north of the lake. Homes and residential circles built on Bastanchury Road between 1970 and 1980. The intersection of North Euclid and Bastanchury gains an office center at northwest corner. Veterinarian’s office opens on northeast corner, and also a horse corral and barn. 

1975 - At some time, the Senior Center was removed. 

1980s - Parts of campus reconfigured, and western parking lot enlarged for faculty parking. 

1990s - Agricultural farm on Bastanchury adds a parking lot. Music and drama auditorium built on lawn near where we held our car shows, below the cafeteria and near the varsity baseball diamond left field. 

1992 - Hughes Aircraft is purchased by Bendix Corporation and the Fullerton plant is sold. Soon that area is where a shopping district called Amerige Heights and a series of housing tracts to the north are built. Many of the new stores feature Korean and Korean-American products and have Korean names.  

1998 or so -- The school library moves to new 2-story building in the Quad, about 15 feet from the administration offices, facing the Quad. About the same time, a second entrance is built on the southeast corner of campus, close to what had been our speech and debate classroom. The second entrance begins west of the campus in the new Amerige Heights neighborhood, were the Hughes Aircraft Company-Ground Systems had been located since 1958. 

This entrance and the traditional Warburton Way enter ace are open as morning classes begin. At some point during the day, maybe then, the Warburton entrance is closed and locked by chains, until school’s over at 3 PM. Parking on campus lots requires permission from the administration. SHHS is still a closed campus, and a Fullerton Police car is parked on campus with a policeman at all times during operating hours. 

2010 or so, a new swimming pool is built in the place of the old one on campus. There is also a new Engineering Building built between the cafeteria and the gym, or close by. 

These are mostly physical changes and additions. At some point, SHHS became a magnet school with special programs in Political Science, Computer Science and Korean Language. On Saturday mornings, the Chinese and Chinese-American communities went the campus for Chinese and Chinese Culture classes attended by hundreds of children and teenagers. 

As always, Sunny Hills High School is one of the highest academically rated public high schools in California. Recently SHHS was ranked 111th in California, and 2nd out of 8 high schools in the Fullerton Union High School District. (Fullerton Union High School, Sunny Hills High School, Troy High School, La Sierra High School, La Habra High School, Buena Park High School and Sonora High School.) (Private high schools in the city of Fullerton are Rosary High School and Eastside Christian High School on the former site of Hunt Food below Commonwealth.)

Sunny Hills High School is currently rated #19 in Orange County, in terms of academic programs, national test scores and more. At one time, SHHS was rated as high as #2 or #3. In fairness, SHHS is one of those Orange County schools where a significant percentage of freshmen and new students enter school without English as a first language. Some of the other county high schools ranking above Sunny Hills are located in neighborhoods near the University of California, Irvine, or in cities or neighborhoods more affluent than Sunny Hills. 

There are many SAT tutoring schools in Sunny Hills and Fullerton, which accept students as young as 8 years old. Every year SHHS sends many freshmen to such highly ranked universities and collages as Stanford, Cal Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Duke, Chicago, UCLA, UC San Diego, Pomona College, Claremont-McKenna (formerly Claremont Men’s College), Scripps, Harvey Mudd and Pitzer), Amherst, Wellesley, Smith and others, including the service academies. There are more than  twenty National Merit Finalists at Sunny Hills every year. On the fence by the varsity baseball field, there is a large tarpaulin that lists the names of top academic seniors, with their SAT scores and the three or four top universities where they have been accepted.    

My impression is that most of the kids study a science, with business second and computer science third

Sunny Hills High School also accepts students and athletes from many cities in Orange and Los Angeles County by special arrangement. 

For some students, classes begin at 9 AM, and maybe some later. 

Between 1970 and today, SHHS has had state championship teams in football, soccer, tennis, golf, girl’s swimming , (girl’s) softball, and more, with many individual All-CIF athletes. 

The district for Sunny Hills students has changed drastically since the 1960s.Many students of hillside Buena Park now attend SHHS, as well as those in West Fullerton at least from Brookhurst to South Basque, and parts of Sunny Hills only. Golden Hills students attend Nicolas Junior High School and I believe Fullerton Union High School. That’s quite a change. 

You may know that for some years, homes and condominiums, and some apartment buildings, rise from Malvern to Bastanchury and continue to the top of the ridge and into La Habra. 

Our alma mater is in good hands, and we can be proud of her, her students, teachers, coaches and administrators.