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Gil Meador, '66 1948-2010
From the Southern Oregon Mail Tribune

Gil Meador died on Friday, June 25, 2010, as a result of cancer. He lives again in heaven, as a result of Christ's loving and merciful sacrifice on the cross for all who name Jesus as Lord and Savior. A service of joyful worship and grateful commemoration will be hosted by Gil and wife Marylou's church family, Bear Creek Church, in the gymnasium at St. Mary's School at 816 Black Oak Drive in Medford on Thursday, July 1, 2010, at 6:30 p.m.


Born Gilford Emery Meador in 1948, Gil was just shy of his 62nd birthday. He and Marylou were married for 39 years. They had two daughters, Raemi and Molly. Gil passed away at his beautiful and quiet home near the Applegate, to which he and Marylou moved 38 years ago. A U.S. Army veteran, Gil was a builder, spending most of his career building custom homes in the Valley he loved. He and Marylou were long-time, active members at Bear Creek Church. Gil and Marylou loved to ride their horses, work around the beautiful homes Gil built for them, and enjoyed several cruises. In addition to his wife and daughters, Gil is survived by his mother and many other family members in southern Oregon.

Photo: Bear Creek, Medford, Oregon. 

"God is the happiness of man because of his suitableness to the soul. A hungry man finds his soul craving. Give him music or honour and he is hungry still. These are not suitable to his appetite. Give him food and his craving is over. So it is with a man's soul. Give it honour, profits, and the pleasures of the world, and these cannot abate its desire; it craves still. These do not answer the soul's nature, and therefore cannot answer its needs. Set God before it just once, and let it feed on him; it is satisfied, and its inordinate, dogged appetite after the world is cured."

George Swinnock, Puritan minister, Works (1627-1673)