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Tim Van Winkle, '67, 1949-2021
Greg Lorton,'64,1946-2021


Greg died in early 2021 in Tucson, AZ. He owned a local landscaping business. He was a graduate of the University of Arizona, and served in Vietnam as a U.S. Army first lieutenant in Graves Registration, Saigon. 
Greg was a memorable '64 Lancer who played varsity football and baseball. He was a popular, sociable guy with many friends and enviable girlfriends over the years. He was considered one of the most handsome fellows at school, and one of his nicknames among friends was "Face". He distinguished himself as one of the 3 '64 men with a Corvette, along with Tommy (Tee) Jewett and Dennis Miller. Everyone knew who Greg was. 
He lived on Amerige in a house with a swimming pool and cabanas, and seemed to keep a great tan twelve  months a yea
To many of us '67 Lancer freshmen, Greg and his buddies Jim Bucheister, Tim Twombly, Barry Paulk, Don Martin, Larry Brehm, Dennis Miller, Allen Crutcher and Robin Johnson were the epitome of teen sophistication and class. We admired the clothes they wore, their hip stylings, their athletic prowess, the special slang they used,  and not least of all, the pretty Sunny Hills girls they always had around them. These were guys who could talk to the exquisite Connie Lang, Nancy Specht, Lynn Miller and other Lancer goddesses without even stammering or tripping over their own feet! 

These social aristocrats had a '64 supporting cast that included Kathy Muckenthaler, Luanne LaunerRoger Naff, Jan Jackson, Steve Modesitt, Mike Kerr, John Miles, Barb Paisley, Kathy O'Toole, Ann Hill, Steve Riddle, George Campanis, and others -- like an MGM Technicolor movie!
Some of us met Greg around 1962 when he came down to Hill Avenue near Nicolas Junior High to visit Jeanne Skinner, '65, a gracious beauty who latemarried Jim. Seeing his 'Vette roll up her driveway then was a sight to behold. 
Greg lived in the midst of this early 1960s mystique, this evanescent high school dream in the legendary valleys and glens of Sunny Hills, truly an enchanted place under the golden California sun, and he'll never be forgotten.

Here's to you, Greg!



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