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How about La Chiquita? You’ll have to forgive me because I don’t remember it very well. It was located on East Valencia, somewhere along the north side of the street, as shown below.
An old clapboard house, 1 story, and the decor and feeling were like a Mexican family’s house, right? (Continued below.)

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Stephanie Mulroony on September 14, 2018 at 8:56 AM said:

La Chiquita was a family staple for the Elwells. If we were too tired, or felt like Mexican food, or didn't want to cook, La Quiquita was the answer. Our whole family remembers it with great fondness, and bemoan the fact that there is nothing similar to where we live now. I know Doug is on a constant search for good Mexican food in Ohio, and whereas we have a good taco truck in Cambria, there isn't that same homey sit-down place that La Quiquita provided. Good memories.

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The furnishings were simple, with wooden tables and chairs. Linoleum floor. Plastic tablecloths. 

The menu had standard Sonoran food. Correct? La Chiquita was popular, especially with young adults. The foot was home-cooked, right? The prices were reasonable. We parked on the street. 

What else?