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Mr. "Al" Merriam 1927 - 2021
How we remember each other from Sunny Hills High School
Much friendly disagreement, people found high school interesting then, but no longer much.


I discussed history and history of SHHS briefly with a prominent '60s Lancer. History is important to some people who see it as a prelude to what's happening now and also as a living process we're going through. Others see history as the past, and the past as not very important, because it's gone and over, and as this Lancer said, "High school history is not interesting to very many". 

The SPOON is of much more interest those who see history as alive today as well as yesterday, as a continuing process that lives in us through our parents and families, all our experiences, and everything that we experienced and learned,  I remember now that around 2002, another prominent Lancer said: 

"When I graduated, I shook Sunny Hills from my sandals. It was done, over and gone. I'm not interested any more."

In other words, she meant "Happy Trails!"

I didn't realize or accept until now that so many alumni felt that way,. Maybe I should have. - Paul 




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Judy Scheid on February 8, 2021 at 6:00 AM said:

Many of us who had a good time in high school think your efforts of preserving SHHS history are great. Your memories of the Fullerton and Orange County communities also are enlightening. Keep up the good work.

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