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In truest form
2011. “These Days” may be Jackson Browne’s truest song, and the song that best exemplifies his art.


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It’s a song that contains all of Jackson’s themes, and all his emotional concerns. No song sounds more like him, nuance by nuance, detail by detail.


He wrote “These Days” between 1966 and 1969, didn’t he? I’ve heard several Lancers say they visited him at home when he was polishing it. One Lancer said he was a neighbor and heard Jackson singing and practicing it. “These Days” is as expressive and valid today in 2022 as it was then as a new song.


Even those of us who didn’t know Jackson can see or imagine him writing it at home on Orange Avenue in the Basque Tract neighborhood .. trying it out at the Paradox and other small clubs around Southern California .. singing it for Greg Copeland, Pamela Polland, Linda Ronstadt, David Crosby, Glenn Frey, J.D. Souther and others in the Echo Park days when they were all struggling artists .. and today.


“These Days” is an evocative song with echoes of the universal. Audiences all over the world have have felt it and recognized it as their own since Jackson first performed it for an audience.


Shall we not call it a masterpiece?


What do you think, classmates?



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