El Mirasol Hotel In Santa Barbara In 1910
Informal SHHS Get-Together, February 2017 at Hero’s in Downtown Fullerton, on West Santa Fe, off Harbor 1 block south of Commonwealth
I see familiar faces but can only identify a few. See below COMMENTS. You can all fill in the gaps.

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In the picture of a blonde lady, and two gentleman to the right: don't know her name, Dennis Evans, and Bert Peck. 

The 3 ladies are Lancers I could kick myself for not being able to name. 

Polly Mohr, SHHS '77; Randolph Mohr and Pamela Butler, SHHS '70. 

In the big group, 2nd from right is Terry Messick Carlson, '65, one of the sweetest, warmest, kindest gals ever created. 

Then Dennis with Polly Mohr. 

Now who else do we see, folks?