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The Stanford-Avalon Community Farm is located on East 111th Street, a mile east of the famous Watts community. The power company has allowed local residents to use the vacant land under the power lines to plant and grow vegetables.  

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The farm is 60 blocks south of USC, about 6 miles, and about 8 miles south of Downtown. Until the 1950s,most of the area was truck farming. Even later, there have been few stores, markets, restaurants, theaters, office buildings and hospitals around here, and after the streetcar lines were abandoned in the early 1950s, Los Angeles public transportation has been poor. The good jobs have always been to the north. 

The area is a patchwork of  housing tracts, small business areas, some parks, gas stations, bars, auto repair garages, liquor stores, small churches and many, many small vacant lots. These vacant lots become overgrown with weeds, abandoned cars and tires, furniture, junk and trash. The Stanford-Avalon residents are making great use their small open space.