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Interview: Chris Hillman
The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Manassas, Desert Rose and a lot more.



I’m thinking of all of you who love a variety of music because Chris Hillman has been involved in early rock, country, gospel, bluegrass and more since around 1960. He grew up in LA and then San Diego County and one of early turning points was when he and his high school buddies drove 140 miles north to see Earl Scruggs at the Ash Grove. That made a huge impression on him and he’s been in bands ever since, involved with hundreds of singers, musicians and producers you’ll remember. He talks non-stop for 70 minutes and then graciously answers questions from the audience. He believes in always learning, and when this interview was taped, he was taking guitar lessons from an 82 year old guitarist who played for Tommy Dorsey and eventually Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show for its entire run. Chris Hillman is an extremely likable, intelligent, down to earth man, and he sings on Sunday at a Greek Orthodox church near where he lives. An original!