El Mirasol Hotel In Santa Barbara In 1910
INTERVIEW: Mr. Clarence Nishizu, father of our ’67 classmate Glenn Nishizu. .
This is an oral history interview, and for Orange County people interested in local history, a fine resource.


Mr. Nishizu discusses his childhood in an agricultural family in Garden Grove, his years at Anaheim High School, Class of 1929, and more. 

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Mr. Nichizu's obituary: 
I can only add that at Anaheim High School, my Class of 1942 aunt had a close friend who was Nisei, a first generation Japanese-American. My aunt said this girl and her family were interned suddenly after the bombing at Pearl Harbor, and "I never saw her again." Many Japanese-American families lost virtually all their possessions and property, so this Anaheim girl's family may have decided to move somewhere else when the war ended and the interned citizens were released. 
There is still ample time for all of us to get in touch with the Oral History programs at Cal State Fullerton, Chapman University and UC Irvine. We may not think so, but every one of us has considerable recollections about life in Fullerton in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, as the case may be. 
You can ask Professor Steve Topik, UC Irvine, or others about how quickly history becomes distorted and even vague, usually not deliberately. We ought to tell our stories, because no one else will. Orange County and Fullerton have changed phenomenally since the 1940s and 1950s. Think about it. 
Unfortunately, the Internet does not have complete history of such areas prior to about 1980. Consider the way Sunny Hills High School history is generally considered to begin around 1975 or even 1985. 
We wish our parents and grandparents had been interviewed, and it's wonderful to know that some did. The only one I can think of at the moment is Mrs. Launer, Luanne's mother. I think Mr. Muckenthaler did too.