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Iowa Counties of ’60’s SHHS Families: See list below COMMENTS.
Where Lancers were born and lived, or where their parents, grandparents, etc. lived. Friendly, warm people like my grandmother and great aunt Vona Raines.

Lolly Beaman Summerwill, '64 of Mt. Ayr, Iowa has a terriifc comment: 

Paul, My dad had Mount Ayr Dry Cleaners in Mt Ayr.  He had a route that people could take them into a local place and dad would pick the clothes up, clean them and return them to the pick up point.  On of his drop off point was the Beaconsfield Hy Vee.   The first Hy Vee and was started by Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg and was in Beaconsfield.   Hy Vee grew up and polyester came along.  Dad sold his business and moved to Fullerton California..
Hy-Vee /?ha??vi?/ is an employee-owned chain of more than 240 supermarkets located throughout the Midwestern United States in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
The largest Hy-Vee stores are full-service supermarkets with bakeries, delicatessens, floral departments, dine-in and carryout food service, wine and spirits, pharmacies, HealthMarkets (natural and organic products) and coffee kiosks (Caribou Coffee and Starbucks). Hy-Vee has also added fuel stations with convenience stores, fitness centers, and full service restaurants to some of its properties. Hy-Vee has a rewards program called Fuel Saver + Perks, which gives customers a discount on gas for buying special items each week in their ad.
Hy-Vee was founded in 1930 by Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg in Beaconsfield, Iowa, in a small brick building known as the Beaconsfield Supply Store, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Hy-Vee's longtime advertising slogan, "Where there's a helpful smile in every aisle," was adopted for the chain's first television commercial in 1963. The slogan became a jingle in the 1990s with music by Annie Meacham and James Poulsen.


Thanks, Lolly. Fascinating. Native Californians like me who have lived their entire lives here or almost, often have the impression our major stores and brands are the only ones there are nationally! Or kind of. We visit other states and see supermarkets, service stations and other places we've never heard of, even when  they're major and known throughout large regions. A coincidence you mention Beaconsfield, too. Some of the Iowa websites indicate Beaconsfield has fallen off in economic vitality and population, like so many towns ands cities throughout the Midwest 



Hull, Iowa, a small town of about 2,200 in the northeast corner of Iowa. Fullerton, Orange and Anaheim all looked a lot like that in those days until about 1945, when the new tracts started coming in. Iowa had a lot more brick and other masonry buildings, of course, to withstand the cold winters and snow, like all the Midwest. No palm trees, either. Anyone from Hull?



Tiny Le Roy and Beaconsfield, Iowa, in southern Iowa. Le Roy's about 40 miles from Mt. Ayr.  Beaconsfield is a little closer. 


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Paul Saevig, ‘67 on December 12, 2016 at 9:12 PM said:

1 ’64 mom and 1 ‘65 were born in Anita, Cass County, Iowa.

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Black Hawk County, near Cedar Rapids in central Iowa. 

Clinton County, on the eastern border with Illinois. 

Buena Vista County, located in northeast Iowa. 

Des Moines County, close to Lee County on the southeastern border of Iowa. 

Emmet County, located near the northern border, slightly closer to the west border of the state than to the east. 

Hancock County, located at center north, close to  border.

Lee County, located at southest Iowa in the corner and the southerrnost county of Iowa. 

Mills County, located near western border. Silver City, my grandmother. Paul Saevig, '67.

Ringold County, located in southern Iowa, about equidistant from west and east Iowa borders. 


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