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Janet Gann, '67 in 1972



At that time, Janet was a high school English teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. She had graduated from Stanford University the year before.


Later she would work in the advertising industry.


She died in 1990.


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John Robson on April 8, 2022 at 12:25 PM said:

Janet was a very kind, sweet and gorgeous girl. Before I got my first car she would stop and give me a ride when she saw me walking. She lived just up Richman and around the corner from us on Sunny Crest. The last two times I saw here was at Disneyland where she worked as a guide on the Storybook Land ride. We had some brief conversations between her departures on the boats and both of my dates commented on how nice she was. This was the 2nd summer and Christmas after graduation. I had discovered girls and quickly learned that Disneyland and that ride were great places to take a girl. I always meant to ask here out, but by the time I called her house she was gone off to school and our paths never crossed again.

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