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Bill Frick, ’64, Frick Winery
JFK and RFK in LA


1. John F. Kennedy arrives in Los Angeles, 1959. 

2. The Kennedy Family arrives in Los Angeles for the Democratic Convention at the new Los Angeles Sports Arena, 1960. John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, sister Eunice Shriver and their children who remain famous today. 

3. Robert F. Kennedy rides in a car with his bodyguards and staff, May 28, 1968. 

4. Robert F. Kennedy at an election rally at Olvera Street Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles. 

5. A crowd of 5,000 has gathered to hear Senator Kennedy at the Watts Writers' Workshop on March 26, 1968. The creative workshop rose from the ashes of the 1965 Watts Riots. Kennedy proclaimed he wanted "violence and hatred replaced by jobs. I want bitterness replaced in this county." Seen on stage with Kennedy are Councilman Billy Mills (left of Kennedy) and Senator Mervyn Dymally (right of Kennedy). 

John F. Kennedy said “The Boys of Wexford" was his favorite Irish song.