Jim Cooke, '67, 1949-2012
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The following is from Keith Mashburn…

TrailBlazer Jim Cooke passed away Sunday, October 14 [2012]. Jim’s life was about motorcycles. He raced, rode the street, and was a desert rat. He lived in Randsburg [midway between Bakersfield and Las Vegas, near Ridgecrest] so he could be in the desert he loved. Jim was the unofficial Mayor of Randsburg. He was a Foothill Hawk and a close friend of many, but I believe Steve Hurd is the one who transformed Jim from being a Galloping Goose, hence the nickname, to a District 37 desert rider. He leaves a very special wife, Julie, and many sad friends. Godsspeed, Jim.

Julie said there will be a Memorial and his ashes scattered in the Randsburg area sometime in the future. We will let you know if and when something is finalized. Cards can be sent to:

Julie Cooke P.O. Box l Randsburg, CA 9554 and/or gooseandreger@gmail.com

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October 16, 2012