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Jim Cooke, '67, 2




Jim Cooke, '67, MotoCross


Did you know Jim was one of the top MotoCross riders in 1960s and 1970s?
Today, Jim is the supervisor at Kawasaki R&D. His son Allan is a top rider now. See the photos below.

This references mentions in the 60s and 70s:

"Tim Smith,
Manager Kawasaki Racing '72-'78, now retired and living in Santee, CA with my wife Gilda

"Working from his rich memory, Smith also sent us a list of names of great riders and other noteworthy individuals who have foraged through the old fridge. They include Al Baker, John DeSoto, Art Bauman, Malcolm Smith, Barry Higgins, Mick Grant, Brad Lackey, Mickey Thompson, Bruce Jenner, Mike Goodwin, Cliff Carr, Mike Patrick, Dan Gurney, Paul Smart, Don Vesco, Peter Lamppu, Eric Jensen, Pierre Karsmakers, Erv Kanemoto, Ron Bishop, Gary Nixon, Ron Muto, Gary Semics, Ron Pierce, Gaylon Mosier, Steve Hurd, Goat Brecker, Steve Stackable, Gregg Hansford, Steve Wise, Jerry Grant, Stig Pettersen, Jim Cooke, Terry Clark, Jim Evans, Torlief Hansen, Jim Hunter, Walt Axthelm, Jim Pomeroy, Walt Fulton, Jim Weinert, and Yvon DuHamel.

"This astonishing list is from the mid-1970s alone. How many more great contributors to motorcycle history might have touched this fine old refrigerator? Thank you so much, Tim, for adding to our understanding and appreciation."

We'll pursue this research to honor Jim and bring his achievements to light. Did Jim begin riding in Sunny Hills, and maybe over by Rosecrans in the early days where guys rode their bikes up the dirt cliffs? Don't know.






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