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John Hamshaw, ’68, 1950-2017
This photo shows John in a place he loved, Bourbon Street in downtown Fullerton, with his buddies Lou Machos, Charlie Hale, and John at right. He went often and met with dozens of his friends there



John passed away last night in Irvine, CA, February 22, 2017 at 7:30 PM. 

As we await John's obituary, there is so much to say about him. First, he was a man's man, a gentleman always, and among the most loyal of friends. 

John has written with great affection about several of his deceased '68 classmates on the SPOON. He was a music lover par excellence. John had as many friends as anyone I've ever known. 

I first met John in 2001 and I wish I'd known him longer. 

To John's wife and his dear sister Helen Hatridge, '67, I'm sorry for your great loss. 

John was a quiet leader with the finest Missouri qualities. I miss him already. 

More later. 


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andy wendland 67 on February 23, 2017 at 8:44 AM said:

We lost a truly wonderful,gentle,and kind man yesterday.My wife and I had the privilege of getting to know John over the last few years at Bourbon Street. The 2 pictures on this website are the way that we always saw John with that friendly smile making everyone who met him feel special and appreciated. I know that all of us who knew him will miss him terribly.Our hearts hurt that we will never see his smiling face again until hopefully we get to heaven. Our condolences go out to Helen, Marilyn, and the many,many friends that he'd made through the years. RIP BROTHER

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My favorite memory of John iillustrates the kind of man he was. Around 2007, he and his wife had the Hamshaw Market near East Riverside, a large barn he converted into a country market, with fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, and probably most important, a small stage at one end with chairs, so John could invite musicians and singers to perform. They came every day of the week, and Sundays were a special show, usually for folk and rock artists, prominently Steve Noonan, Severin Browne, and another group I’ll remember in a minute. 


One Sunday I drove out, and Tom McCutchen drove down from Redlands; dear Penny Kidwell Morrison came down from Temecula; Tom Goodhope brought his family from Lake Elsinore; and Dennis Turner brought his wife from La Habra Heights. We enjoyed a fine afternoon, ate sandwiches, and afterwards John saw us all out to the parking lot. 


We chatted for almost an hour toward dusk, and when I finally started to leave, John shook my hand, smile and pressed $250.00 for the SPOON in my hand.  He was ever the gracious host and loved people.


There is no greater gift than that.