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'67 Surfers, Rincon '65
Can you identify them right away?

Here are the 2 surfers with Wardy and Dewey Weber surfboards, at Rincon, CA.

Rick Wilson, '65 can probably tell us which board is which.

Here's one of these 2 surfing friends, today with his wife and daughter.

Here's the other surfer friend, around 2009.

Of course they were friends and neighbors, and also water polo and swimming teammates at Sunny Hills.

On the right, Mark Oliver, '67. In the left John Kent, '67.

Their up-the-street neighbor and surfing buddy Rick Wilson, '65 says:

"John had the Wardy and Mark the Dewey Weber. John rode Wardys in the early days, then Del Cannons (where he glossed and did artwork), then wooden and bamboo boards from Gary Young.The Dewey Weber decal and 'hatchet' skeg on Mark's board are pretty distinctive. The photo says Rincon, and it could have been there, because John's Mom rented a house on Rincon Point for Christmas vacation sometime in the late 60s. It also could have been on Richman Knoll before they took off for Rincon, and the house and yard do appear to be more like Fullerton than Rincon."

"The photo of John and family is with his daughter Kimberly and wife Susan."

Tank you, Rick!