On Spadra Road (Harbor) in Fullerton.
About 1920.
Known his sister for 59 years - some of you have known her longer!
Harry Rowe, classmates, youngest brother of Richard, Nancy and Doug. A Fullerton Union High School 1971 alumnus, named for his father, looks exactly like his mom, favors Nancy.


Now this is a treat! Harry was a little boy when we first knew him. Cat, Barb, Jeff, Leanne, Mary Ellen, Kay, Penny, Nance, Steve, Cecily, Tom, what was little Harry's nickname again? Started with B, I think. 

He was an active baird. Gosh, he reminds me of Nancy! I miss her, don't you? She retired and moved up to the Sierra. Dear, dear friend. 

A good-looking guy!


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