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Lancers at Disneyland, Update


Hundreds of '60s Lancers worked at Disneyland in the 1960s and beyond. The ones I remember are:


Darrell Albers, '65, sweeper originally

Beverly Brauner, '67, Main Street (?)
Larry Brehm, '64, popcorn stand
Chris Gaston, '67, tour guide
Robert Ford, '67, old train ride (?)
Lisa Grainger, '66, Snow White
Larry Loeck, '64, musician, singer
Steve Lowe, '63, Jungle Ride captain
Don Martin, '64
Julie Okey, '64, tour guide
Frenchy Pelletier, '65. Matterhorn climber
Paul Saevig, '67, sweeper
Tom Stuhley, '65, Matterhorn
Larry Boag, ''67, or Knotts?
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Tough to play a character


People who played characters had people hug them and sometimes kiss them, all day. Sometimes boyfriends and husbands got mad if their girlfriends of wives hugged Goofy or Pluto, let’s say, 

Little kids would punch or even kick Goofy or the Big Bad Wolf in the groin, or elsewhere and the kids thought it was fun.