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Lancers who rode horses at Sunny Hills, plus Lancers who ride now (or used to ride)
We were talking about this this evening, The presence of horses and riders was once of the most pleasant parts of Sunny Hills back then,


Some Lancers were also horsemen and horsemen with horses in other towns, like Chino.


Tommy Kerr, ‘67

Tamia Hope, ‘64

Elizabeth Loeblich, ‘62

Janice Powers, ‘67

Tom Goodhope, ‘67

Linda Schuth, ‘65

Mr. Schuth

Tom Stuhley, ‘65

Laurie Stetson, ‘67

Jackie Nelson, ‘67

Marilyn DuHamel, ‘67

Candy Moore, ‘66

Carla Morre, ‘68

Holly Cresswell, ‘68

Mr. Tack Maluy, Monica Maluy's dad

Linda Harrington 

Bev Brauner

Dee West

Peggy Scaling, ‘66

Stan Commons, ‘67

Wayne Pitzler, ‘67




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Tommy Kerr '67 on January 13, 2020 at 7:35 PM said:

I did. Yep

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