El Mirasol Hotel In Santa Barbara In 1910
Like a new Chapman Building in Downtown Fullerton at Chapman & Harbor.  
If you relax the focus of your eyes a little, this looks like a ‘60s SHHS Ag guy herding his sheep down to the railway station. There’s even the swashbuckling ’64 guy from Las Tunales on the right, reaching down to pet a sheep. How evocative!


What the top photo actually depicts, however, is  shepherds leading their sheep through the center of Madrid, Spain, Sunday, in defense of ancient grazing and migration rights, increasingly threatened by urban sprawl and modern agricultural practices in October 2016. 

On the left is a scene of Domingo Bastanchury (1838-1909) driving his sheep from his ranch in Sunny Hills -- where hundreds of '60s Lancers would later live -- down Spadra (later Harbor, of course) to the railway depot for shipping to distant markets. Maybe 1895 or so.