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Martin Parsley, ’67. 1949-1967
A good young man, an excellent athlete, quiet, with many friends.


Martin was the first ’67 classmate to die, I’m pretty sure. Many of us learned he’d died when we read his obituary in the old Santa Ana Register or heard about it when we came home from college for Thanksgiving vacation. 

I wish I’d known Martin better to say more. I knew him exclusively from pickup basketball, football and baseball games at Nicolas Junior High and physical education at Sunny Hills. He loved sports, played them all well, and demonstrated good sportsmanship always. 

We know in retrospect that Martin was already seriously ill his senior year, but preferred to keep that information to himself, to spare the pity of others, and out of consideration for us. We can add courage and kindness to his attributes. 

Martin’s dad is 91 and lives in Apple Valley, CA. I don’t know about Mrs. Parsley. 


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Gaggia on June 26, 2018 at 1:08 PM said:



Some things hurt when remembered. Martin, Ralph Morales and I sat amongst others in the back of the bus, going to the graduation party. It was not in the cards for Martin to go in. He began bleeding from the nose and they couldn't get it to stop. They made the rest of us exit, and that was the last I was to see of him. About 10 days after, I went to see how things were, by seeing Morales, Martin's closer friend. Martin had died, I think of a brain tumor. I can still feel the wave of sorrow and disbelief that overwhelmed me. He would simply just be the beginning of friends and classmates to exit far before their time. I'm sure he made his contributions to others in his 1i years here, but I'm also certain he had much more to give than was never realized. As a father who has lost a son, my sympathies go out to Mr. & Mrs. Parsley, and other family members. Its never too late to hurt for the fallen or to tell those still standing how important they are and that you genuinely care
Jan Ford (DesRochers) on May 9, 2018 at 12:39 PM said:

Marty lived across the street from me and was my friend. He spoke with me about his illness and was determined to go to graduation with his classmates. He did, and died shortly after. It was really hard.

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