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Melodie Loewe Hand, ’67. 1949-2017
Our friend since Richman Elementary School days in the late 1950s, and Nicolas Junior High School and Sunny Hills High School, Fullerton. October 20, 2017.


From our ’67 classmate Cindy Sawtell Eadson: 

"It is with great sadness that I share that my beloved friend for 50 years Melodie Loewe Hand passed away unexpectedly last night. Grateful for the reunion time with her! She was so beautiful!"

Melodie was a retired Registered Nurse who lived with her family in the Inland Empire of Southern California. 


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jp schulze, ‘67 on October 28, 2017 at 6:38 AM said:

Thank you Cindy 'Bear' for posting this. Mel was a very special woman. We had some great times at SHHS. She was very sincere and caring but also had a way of providing tongue and cheek humor. l can remember sharing a bottle of wine with her in '66' in Priscilla Presley's (honest) ocean front house, special memory l will keep. jp

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Melodie was a bright, somewhat sardonic and wise friend for more than half a century. She had a droll take in life. We’ll all miss her. So long, Melodie. See you later, kid. 


From those earliest days together at Richman, Melodie, Jeff Nix, Nancy Rowe, Doug Rowe, Cathy Cogan, Jerry Cook, Leanne Linson, Linda Hazel, Terry Martinet, Linda Shaw, Greg Westphalen, Sharon Tomlinson, Jim Benning, Penny Kidwell, Lynda Muller, Linda Chilcoat, Bill Pittman, Dennis Chairman, Terry Bernhard, Cynthia Morris, Harry Schechter, Lindee Hammond, Susan Ryel and me. (Plus many who continued at Fullerton Union High School.)

Jerry and Terry have passed on, and now Melodie. Of the rest, 8 now live in California, 2 in Texas, 1 in Florida, 1 in Nevada, 1 in Colorado, and I don’t know about the rest.