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Monica Maluy, '66 (1948-2010)

Monica passed away last night on October 17, 2010, in Riverdale, New York. She'd been ill for two years with cancer. Her brother Randy held her hand as she took her last breath.

She was an Accolade reporter and editor at Sunny Hills High School, and also enjoyed Modern Dance. She was known as the most fashionable girl on campus, where she wore designer clothes. She was a brilliant, creative person of flashing wit and great warmth. Monica cared about everyone and always sided with the underdog, to whom she showed great generosity.

In 1968 she went to live in New York City, which soon became her permanent home. Briefly she was an actress and a model, and also worked as the assistant to several notable photographers. For a while she worked in sales at Bergdorf-Goodman and other fine stores, and owned a Manhattan restaurant, too.

She eventually settled in Greenwich Village, probably her favorite part of the city she seemed to know everything about. You could ask her about an obscure Hungarian restaurant up near Columbia, or an address in Yorkville, and she'd tell you all about each one. Monica knew more about movies and Broadway shows than anyone I've ever known, and remembered the names of all the cast members. She had an endearing habit of watching her favorite movies or actors for what seemed the fiftieth time, and would laugh or cry as if it were the first.

Animals were especially dear to Monica's heart, almost all animals. In particular she loved elephants, and it's no coincidence her brother Patrick is an elephant specialist who's worked for many top zoos in the United States. As a little girl Monica was a horse girl -- I guess you'd say -- and even took part in rodeo. Her most beloved animal friend of all, however, was Gable, the French bulldog she owned for the last six or seven years or her life. She'd walk him joyously as often as six times a day in her West Greenwich Village neighborhood, and inspired actor Leonard DeCaprio to get his own "Frenchie".

Monica had a keen interest in current events and political issues, as a true New Yorker. She often took part in neighborhood or borough-wide campaigns and issues, and did not hesitate to write letters to the editor of the local newspapers. In recent years, she owned a mail order printing company.

Of course, Monica was a quiet, rather reserved woman, and a delightful friend. She had a dozen or so treasured friends around the city, and was close to her siblings. Her parents passed away some years back, and she leaves an older sister and three younger brothers, as well as quite a few nieces and nephews.

For years now, Monica has kept in touch with several of her 1960s Accolade friends, including Candy Moore and Adria-Ann McMurray, both '66 and also with Perry Morgan, '66 of New Orleans.

Through her life, Monica touched hundreds of people with her kindness and compassion, and remained a most lovable friend. I've lost one of the great friends of my life.

I'll add information later having to do with a possible memorial service and my dear friend's last wishes. She would not want us to be sad.

(By the way, there is a Monica Maluy on Facebook, but that's not our Monica.]


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Mary (Pinkston) Christ on February 12, 2013 at 9:57 PM said:

I am so very saddened to hear of Monica's passing. It's been quite a long while since I spoke with her. We went to Sunny Hills High School together and hung out with Richard Rheem and Toni Hibbard. I had her email and was going to email her tomorrow since I just got word that our friend Toni Hibbard passed away after a battle with cancer. I was trying to find Richard Rheem online to tell him about Toni and just thought I'd look up Monica and was so shocked to find her gone too. Monica was something quite unique and I loved her individuality at a time when most everyone looked alike. She certainly stood out at school with her Barbra Haircut and high fashion clothes. We used to have a ball doing the Hollywood thing. I remember running into Julie Andrews shopping for sweaters in a store we couldn't afford and rummaging through old photographs of old movie stars. Toni had just sent pictures to me last year of us riding Monica's horse. We were out of touch for a long time but it was fun reminiscing about old times and fun catching up. I'm sure she is missed by all who knew her. To Monica and a life well spent. Luv ya. Mary
Michelle on November 3, 2010 at 12:17 PM said:

She was a wonderfully contradictory person, so cool yet compassionate and committed, to social justice as well as to stylish clothing and local gossip. A beautiful balance. Monica was the center of our West Village building's very active lobby salon. She'd had such plans for her renovated apartment to fund her move to Paris. I like to see her now sipping "un express" on the Boul Miche, or St Germain, chatting with new neighbors. They'd have loved her, too.
Owen - 5G on October 23, 2010 at 8:18 AM said:

I will miss Monica. She was a wonderful interesting person with a great wit. I knew she was a tremendous fan of Judy Garland. When she got her beloved dog I asked her his name. She said Gable and started to sing Judy's "Dear Mr. Gable, You made me love you" and so named him Gable. I said we live in the Village and she should have named him Judy. She laughed!!!
JP on October 21, 2010 at 5:22 PM said:

I am deeply sadden by the passing of Monica, a wonderful neighbor (she lived upstairs from me, I am in 2D) and a caring friend to my dog Peggy Lee. Monica was the first to welcome Peggy Lee in the building when I brought her home a couple of years ago... Sadly when she got sick she had to part with Gable. She would tenderly pet Peggy Lee but I could tell it was Gable she was longing.

Like myself, yes Monica was reserved. We shared some thoughts and quick hellos in the morning...

I often think of her and will always remember as Gable's mom, just as we all know each other from our pets name. Her loving soul will continue to grace us.

Good night Monica!

candy moore gleason '66 on October 18, 2010 at 7:08 PM said:

Monica and I were on the Accolade staff and shared a love for fashion. We both attended Stephens College in Columbia, Mo. She left for NYC after our freshman year and I lost touch with her until Paul Saevig re-connected us 6 years ago. My husband Bill and I were in NYC for a week...he was working and I looked Monica up. We had the BEST time. Spent two entire afternoons together reminiscing about our growing up years in Fullerton, our shared love for the fashionable boutique Back Street in Villa del Sol (she worked there part time during high school), Our friends from accolade including Fran Obler our teacher, Pete Claudis, Adria Ann, Marvin Musick, Linda Easterly and others. We laughed about Monica wearing the first mini skirt to SHHS and talked about her attending her first Barbra Streisand concert I believe at the old Ambassador Hotel when she was just 15 years old. She showed me her Greenwich Village Co-op and I met Gable her French Bulldog. She shared pictures of her family..her mother and father were very glamorous. She talked about seeing famous neighbors out walking...Hugh Jackman, Charlie Rose. She was just so fun. We drank wine at a little restaurant near her home both afternoons. I treasure those memories. We stayed in touch as she remodeled her flat and Bill and I built our home in Murrieta, Ca and I brought her a "fake" Cartier watch from one of our trips to Asia. I spoke to her about a month ago and she was bravely trying to get better but was transferring to Riverdale Hospital the day following our conversation. Her voice was raspy. She was touched by the kindness of her sibs and her friends like JoAnn. I am so thankful to have had such a delicious re-connect with Monica. I will remember her ...a class act.
Perry Morgan III, '66 on October 18, 2010 at 3:34 PM said:

This is so upsetting... such a beautiful person, could fill you with laughter, tell you a million things about a million subjects ,and had stories about film people that were so entertaining, and always she remained a class act. I am so saddened, and know she'll hang out with the people she admired and loved, in heaven.

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Monica could be so funny and touching in the way she had about 50 favorite stars and celebrities, but probably number 1 was Judy Garland. Once Monica went to a nightclub with a date to hear Judy sing, and the singer sat down and sang a whole song to the couple. Monica also liked Barbra Streisand a lot.