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I'm imposing a moratorium on humor in the SPOON effective January 15, 2021, Effective until further notice.

Since we began the SPOON, a significant number of Lancers have disliked the SPOON and considered it undignified and stupid, primarily because of the humor I have published. Many have objected in various ways. 

Most of my humor in the SPOON has been light and whimsical. Everyone has a slightly different sense of humor, and I've tried to publish as wide a variety of types as I could.

Maybe the SPOON will earn more acceptance and respect among 1960s Lancers if humor is absent here. More Lancers might send donations and send photos, Lancer readers are welcome to make humorous comments, 

Those of you who know me personally will testify that although I have an active sense of humor, I am deadly serious in publishing the SPOON.