Mr. and Mrs. Megerle. RIP.


Mrs.Julia W. Megerle died in San Diego in 1997.  

Mr. Ralph Starkey Megerle was born on July 18, 1919. He died in Thousand Oaks CA at age 97 on February 2, 2007. He had been an engineer. 

They leave their son, Clifford Megele, ’67. Cliff is a scientist with dozens of  high technology inventions. 

The Megerles were a warm, cheerful family with plenty of enthusiasm for life and their activities. I remember Mrs. Megerle liked to work in her garden on Rodeo Road, near North Richman Knoll.  They were devoted parents and justifiably proud of their son Cliff, a brilliant guy and always a top student in every school he attended. 

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Craig Scott, ’67, Cliff and I played golf often together throughout high school at Fullerton Municipal and Brea. Cliff became a competent golfer and Craig was a natural athlete who could play any sport well.  We spent half our time heckling each other, and almost half talking about girls at school. 

Later on I’d sometimes drive from Westwood or Fullerton to Claremont, where Cliff was a student at Claremont Men’s College (now Claremont McKenna.) Once Darryl Chin, ’67 was home from San Jose State and went along to meet girls from the Claremont Colleges with me.

I’d visit Cliff at CMC, Ludd Trozpek, ‘67 at Harvey Mudd, Ludd’s future wife Robin Weeks, ’67 at Scripps, sometimes Pam Weaver, ’67 at Pitzer, and sometimes Fred Dozier, ’67 at Pomona College. Once Lana Ventriglia, ’67 went with me and we all had a merry time. 

As I indicated, Cliff has enjoyed an exceptional career in science and technology.  As we all knew he would.