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Mr. Joe Mudrick,1925-2003
The father of our '67 classmate, Randy Mudrick


Joseph John Mudrick was born on March 3, 1925, in the coal-mining region of Brandenville, PA. He was one of the nine children of Michael Mudrick an immigrant from the Carpatho-Rusyn village of Maly LipnikSlovakia and Mary Buchina Mudrick.

Mr. Mudrick was the owner of Snow White Laundry in Fullerton, California. At the date of his death in 2003, he was survived by his wife, Martha (d. 2008); son, Randy,, SHHS '67; brother, Peter; sisters, Helen Mudrick, Mary Klein, Caroline Pehlam, Ann London.

Photo: Joe Mudrick, a former minor league baseball player, age 75, in a Fullerton 75-and-over baseball league. From the Fullerton Observer, May 1, 2000. 


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