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Mr. Walter Ray Lawson, 1933-1987
Photo of Coach Lawson in 1966 with Buddy Sutton, ’67,


Walter Ray Lawson, 55, of Fullerton, died September 13, 1987 at St. Jude Hospital Rehabilitation Center, 


Mr.Lawson had taught mathematics at Sonora, Lowell, Lynwood and Sunny Hills High Schools. 


He is survived by his wife, Joan, of Fullerton, 2 sons, Michael of Orange and Patrick of Fullerton, his daughter Sally Joan of Fullerton, his father Walter, mother Marie, 3 brothers, Hardin, Royce and Kincy, and 2 sisters, Nancy Cable and Maxine Mickey — all of North Carolina.


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Paul Saevig, ‘67 on March 14, 2019 at 11:17 PM said:

I’m shocked to learn Coach Lawson died so young. He was a gentleman and a kind person, with a lot to offer. He was passionate as a coach, and experienced. He’d played college football at Bowling Green University, if I remember right, and he'd also been a Golden Glove boxer. Was he also in the Marine Corps?

I hope my friend Tom Goodhope, ’67 sees Coach's obituary, because Tom and our late friend Mark Geiss were proteges of Coach Lawson.

I was in two of Coach Lawson's PE classes. He believed in teaching us to be gentleman, I remember once he told us he used to ask girls to dance when no one else had at school parties. He also said “The Sound of Music” was one of his favorite movies.

After Coach left Sunny Hills in about 1968 -- to teach and coach at Lynwood High, near Compton in LA County -- I ran into him one day at the Shopping Bag supermarket in Fullerton, on Euclid south of Malvern. We had a nice talk, and he was philosophical about working with new students at Lynwood. We were relaxed, as I had not always been in his classes, He was cordial and friendly.

I remember Coach Lawson didn't like the way I boxed, for one thing!

I liked him very much, and I’m sorry, again,

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