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Mrs. Agnes Bishop, RIP
Mrs. Bishop was the wife of Dr. Richard Bishop,MD, and the mother of Richard, ’70. and Douglas.



Mrs. Bishop was a lovely, gracious woman, and everyone liked her. She was a Registered Nurse before she married Dr. Bishop.

I knew her only slightly, from the summer of 1971. One of her neighbor's daughters was married in Newport Beach, and Mrs. Bishop acted as the wedding manager. I was one of the ushers, and kind of an outsider from the other side of town in West Fullerton. Mrs. Bishop could not have been kinder or more helpful to me, and made sure I was comfortable at the showers, rehearsals and dinners, and the wedding and reception. I’ve always been grateful. 

A dear lady and everyone who knew her remembers her with fondness.

I believe Mrs. Bishop was from Virginia originally, so we’ll honor her memory with the dogwood, state flower of Virginia. Please correct me if I’m wrong about the state. 


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Steve Lowe, ‘63 on October 17, 2019 at 3:03 PM said:

We lived about 4 doors from the Bishop family. Agnes was a very pleasant and kind woman. She always seemed happy. My parents were very close to Agnes and “Dr. Bish”. It is good memory of nice people.

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