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Mrs. Jetta McGarry, counselor until 1964.
Mrs. McGarry was the wife of Dr. Eugene L, McGarry, an Emeritus Professor of Secondary Education and Child Development at Cal State Fullerton. His obituary is available at the link below.


The obituary includes this reference to Mrs. McGarry:

“ .. Jetta and Gary enjoyed forty-one years working and playing together. She was a counselor at Sunny Hills High School until he birth of their son Michael (February 1964), After that they traveled extensively both at home and abroad during vacation periods, and were active supporters of Michael’s schools — academically, musically and in athletics. The Orange (CA) School District lauded their efforts as volunteers and fund-raisers with plaque during a  recognition dinner in 1979.”

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I don't see Mrs McGarry in any Helios or in the Internet.