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Much more to add here when I can get to it, 12/3/19

NEW Greg Copeland album
Norah Jones home concerts
Randy Byrnes ‘66 sings
’67 favorites from Andy
Remember this song?
Righteous concert, 1979
FOCUS: Scout Forsythe
French Composer Francis Poulenc
“These Days” by Jackson Browne
About Jackson, from an unusual source
Medley for 4/18/20: 20 Songs
New song from Jackson
“Do You Know What It Means (To Miss Sunny Hills)”
“Buckets of Rain"
The music of Tim Twombly
Bob Dylan’s new song
Jackson on Dutch TV, 1970s
Music: Back In The Day
From Stephen Sotnick, ‘67
Early Pamela Polland LP finally available
Linda Ronstadt sings
Massive Ferguson, 1970
David Hartzheim, ’67 harmonica, songs
10 by Jackson
New Linda Ronstadt movie
SHHS String Orchestra
My 100 Favorite Songs