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Mr. "Al" Merriam 1927 - 2021
My lost Lancer friends?


When my Mac fatally crashed in December 2020 and I lost my email addresses, too, I lost about 100 of your emails. I advertised for weeks on the SPOON, asking you to write to me, and sent letters to about 50 of you. Only 2 Lancers have replied. I thought your friends might send your emails, too. Maybe you all use the phone, but I can't. 

I've missed you. I thought we were friends, and you enjoyed talking. There could be many reasons you haven't written, and the most likely is you don't want to communicate.

Man, that hurts a lot. I liked all of you. I tried to find items of interest you'd enjoy in the SPOON, and publish news of your old friends. I still will. If you do like the SPOON. I encourage you to keep reading, 


Paul Saevig, '67

Publisher, Editor, Founder

March 2, 2021 


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